Windy weather means replacement fence posts, shed roofing and fence panels in Hull |

Fence posts and fence panels in Hull – Windy weather means replacements

Replacement Fence Panels Hull
October 10, 2013
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January 5, 2014

lap fencing hullIf because of the weather and the UK been hit with extreme windy weather at the end of October in 2013 you may need replacement fence panel lap fencing, fence posts (concrete or wooden) and possibly replacement shed roofing (felt or shed wood replacements).

We stock most and can make what ever size fence panel you need! We even stock quick setting post mix and met posts to help replace your fencing fast.

We can make bespoke fence panels to replace the broken or damaged lap fencing and also deliver if your order a few from us.

The wind with lap fencing cant blow through it like slat or metal fencing and acts like a sail in the heavy winds.

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