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Replacing fence panels, posts and

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February 19, 2013
Bespoke Lap Fencing Panels in Hull
April 21, 2013

Posts become wobbly fence panels cracked and weakened in heavy windy conditions in Hull?

Replacing these can be either very easy or a bit of a task. For those who opted for a concrete slotted post will have solid uprights that will 99.999% stay solid and not be effected by wind or movement. The panels if lap fencing can act like sails in very strong wind and can bow a little. Replacing fence panels in the slotted post is as easy as taking the old out and slotting the new in.

The people of Hull who maybe went for a cheaper option and fitted the fencing them selves maybe a different story. You maybe didn’t dig down to the minimum 2 foot as required and maybe didn’t use enough post mix to save money. Days like today where it is very windy you wish you did as in the long run does save you money.

One way to prevent damaged fencing or loose post is to go for a fence with wooden slats with gaps in between. This allows wind to pass through not putting great pressure on the whole panel. You can gain privacy by adding climbing evergreen plants such as ivy or even put panels both sides staggering them to close the direct visible gaps.

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